ROBERT ALLEN – The Facts...


Born: Sometime in the past millennium

Residence: Near Stuttgart, Germany

Family Status: Loves women & children  

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Instruments: Practically everything with keys & strings


ROBERT ALLEN – The Myth...


 Robert picked up the guitar at the age of 12, on the heels of Bob Dylan +++ 

+++ first band “The Tambourine Men” (sic!) at about 16 +++ quickly became

(in)famous with neighbours & residents ‘cause of endless rehearsals in clammy basements +++ in the course colds & bands came and went +++ took the first band with self-penned songs at the age of 20, which broke up still during the first gig +++ but soon bands lived through sometimes two or three gigs before breakin up due to musical

and/or personal disagreements +++ and/or vice versa +++ first (and final) single

at the beginning of the 80’s, which bombed (yet bein a collector’s item today)

+++ followed by countless auditions which went nowhere +++

“Don’t call us – we’ll call you!”

+++ a hunch of success came in the middle of the 90’s with TROUBLEMAKER, along with 1200 copies sold of their first (and only) CD “Troubled Days” +++

+++ the number of gigs started to increase, the shows got better & people began

to really take notice of the band +++ so TROUBLEMAKER started aimin hard at their split in 1996 +++ only this time on account of personal disagreements +++

+++ the following years solo shows & studio jobs as sideman, arranger & producer kinda held up vanity & ambition +++ till once more (ya guessed it) musical & personal disagreements caused the departure from stage, this time forever +++ +++ though in

no way meant to be definitive +++ since then it’s settin up a home-recording studio +++ for puttin down self-penned songs without – knock on wood! – musical or personal disagreements after all +++ which eventually happened +++ when out of the blue

in 2010 Robert found himself in a band (FAMILY JAM) once more +++

which sadly (though inevitably) split up in fall 2012 +++ but as every cloud

has a silver lining, the next band is just around the bend...

(to be continued)